Pyrolite Games is a mobile games indie studio. We focus on making fun and challenging strategy and VR games that we want players to enjoy.

How it all began

Our team met for the first time in the AllStartup Games gamejam in April of 2016, where we worked on separate projects and were selected to form a team in the Demium Games incubator. After develloping several smaller projects and getting to know eachother better we found a common interest in the kind of games we want to make and created Pyrolite Games.

Mission and vision

We strive to create high quality games with unusual mechanics that will challenge and entertain players.

We also want to be communicative with the players, to take into account their advice and criticisms to improve our games.




Víctor Ocariz

Head & Programmer

Víctor Álvarez

Programmer & Designer

Paloma Pipeleers

Lead Artist

George Adams

3D Artist